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The Delightful Sausage: Regeneration Game

Join Chris and Amy as they rally the inhabitants of an ailing northern community to get them crowned the UK's next City of Culture. A surreal voyage of self-discovery via sinister secretions, mythical creatures and unsettling multimedia content. "Very smart writing" The Guardian. "The most grotesquely funny, inbred version of a Northern English town since The League of Gentlemen" The Scotsman. We operate a strict 'no bigheads' policy.

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The Delightful Sausage: Regeneration Game

Tim Renkow Tries to Punch Down

Comedy's one rule is 'no punching down'. Tim Renkow is a crippled, redneck, Mexican Jew. It's hard for him to find a group he is not allowed to make fun of, which is insulting. Join Tim as he tries to find a group that is off-limits and prove that he's not the bottom of the social ladder. 'A proper renegade as a comic' **** (Scotsman). 'Renkow is a smart comedian who also knows how to handle dark, risky material' (Guardian). Star of A Brief History of Tim (BBC), Bobby and Harriet Get Married (VICELAND). The Wee Review ***** “Renkow runs a nihilistic steamroller through humanity. Its audacity scours your soul clean… It’s the kind of intelligent humour that has you clapping along with the laugh, a laugh you’re also kind of disgusted with yourself for.” The Scotsman **** “Possibly...

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Tim Renkow Tries to Punch Down



Bob’s BlundaBus: The Double Decka bar & venue that can pop-up anywhere… Ding Ding room for one on top! Parked on South College St throughout the Fringe with a venue full of clowns, storytellers and comedians. Plus “Never Mind the BusStops” our late night Aftershow from midnight until 3am… (Oh and look out for The BlundaBus around town on Wednesdays as we go “On The Road!”) Timetable:


Brazilian bar-restaurant with stone walls, booth seating and Latin dance evenings with live music. Fringe Comedy will run all afternoon and early evening.


Intimate and cosy wooden carved basement in one of Edinburgh’s best established coffee shops. Lusciously lit, beautiful stone wall surroundings, peppered with plants and greenery, this is a delightful and fun cabaret space. Fully licensed bar serving quality Scottish beers, tropical spirits and exotic wines. Access from street level down stone steps straight into the action – with charming, helpful, professional staff.


Dragonfly, a unique and award-winning independent cocktail bar in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. Our extensive cocktail menu has been honed over the years and mixes the finest spirits with a variety of fresh fruits, juices and a few ingredients you might not expect. We’re open from Midday – 3am, seven days a week. Shows Throughout the day and evening in our wonderful venue room at the rear.


This is the fith year that Heroes have been promoting Fringe shows at the Hive. Our model is driven by putting creative freedom first – focusing on high quality, independent work that is not afraid to tread new ground. Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee a seat OR Pay What You Want on exit…


Intimate cabaret venue next to the BlundaBus at Potterrow Underpass. The Spiegelyurt is the newest member of the Heroes of Fringe family, lovingly crafted in the Borders from a single Scottish Ash Tree.
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