Ari Shaffir turned his last Fringe show into a Netflix special called Double Negative. This year, he returns to tackle his Orthodox Jewish upbringing. Ari questions all the things rabbis never wanted him to. Like, who were the real bad guys in Sodom and Gomorrah? Why do Hassidim dress like Johnny Cash fans? Who did Adam fuck before Eve? It’s a UK festival-style show with the laughs of an American hour. ‘Ridiculously funny’ (Jimmy Carr). ‘One of my favourites’ (Bill Burr). ‘The real deal’ (Dave Attell). ‘One of the 100 funniest human beings alive’ (Joe Rogan).

Venue 313 - Heroes @ The Hive - The Big Cave


Suitability 16+

Aug 2-12, 14-26




1 hour

Group: Brett Vincent for Get Comedy and Heroes / PWYW

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