110% John Kearns and Pat Cahill

| Aug 7, 9 | 00:10 | 1 hour 20 minutes | 16+ | Old friends John Kearns and Pat Cahill have gathered together 110% of their very best talking points, bloopers, songs and fighting talks to discuss at the Blundabus. Also featuring some hand picked friends from the cream of their alternative comedy price bracket. No interval, no corkage! Previous guests include John Robins, Nick Helm, Sam Simmons, Lolly Adefope, Mat Ewins, Jordan Brookes, Lou Sanders and Adam Riches.

Adam Larter: Boogie Knights

| Aug 4-14, 16-26 | 14:00 | 1 hour | 18+ | Sir Dance-A-Lot is the last of the Boogie Knights, exiled from his land where disco lovers are persecuted. Expect dungeons, dragons and disco disco disco. 'One of the most stupidly brilliant things you'll see' (Fest). 'His audience don’t suffer, though they may get dizzy at all the strangeness swirling around their heads' (Chortle.co.uk). Starring Adam Larter, Helen Duff and Sam Nicoresti. Directed by Olivier Award winner Jon Brittain (Rotterdam, Maggie Queen of Soho, John Kearns). Produced by Funny Women Award winner Alex Hardy (Dave Gorman, Tony Law).

Adam Larter: Good Morning Croissant

Croissant (99p), 6 Free Range Eggs (89p), Smell Jazz Fabric Conditioner 1.26L (£2.00), Stuffing Mix - Sage & Onion & Onion & Onion 400G (£1.89), 12 Black Bin Bags - Extra Damp (£2.36), Wendle's Quamp Filling - Cheese 300G (£4.55), McCain Potato Keyboard - Electronic (75p), Bertie's Robotic Scampi - 4 pieces (£2.99), Ever-expanding Garlic Bread (12p), Sliced Food Mix - assorted - grey (£7.11) Croissant (99p), Croissant (99p), Croissant (99p), [et_pb_acf_repeater_table field_name="Show|date_&_time_listings" image_size="thumbnail" link_image="none" default_style="off" odd_row_colour="#e02b20" odd_text_colour="#ffffff" even_row_colour="#e08682" even_text_colour="#ffffff" _builder_version="3.11" /]

Ali Brice’s Lemonade Stand

| Aug 2-14, 16-26 | 14:30 | 1 hour | 16+ | You are cordially invited to the grand reopening of Ali Brice's Lemonade Stand. Expect silly characters, daft voices and bizarre audience interaction. Brice has quickly become a master of his own hilarious style of character comedy. Combined with his lightning-fast wit, this makes for a truly unique show from a one-of-a-kind performer. Come and celebrate the silliness! 'A twinkle-eyed comedy natural' ***** (ShortCom.co.uk). 'Eric Meat is a side-splittingly comical entity' ***** (TheUpcoming.co.uk). 'Joyously bonkers... the perfect level of exaggerated oddness' **** (Chortle.co.uk). 'Tear-inducingly hysterical' **** (Skinny).

Andy Barr: Neustadt

| Aug 3-13, 15-26 | 19:00 | 1 hour | 18+ | Visionary architect Andy Barr, tasked with designing the ideal socialist city, is dragged into a paranoid nightmare of Cold War intrigue. Andy Barr is a stand-up and member of the Weirdos collective. ‘Skilfully written and delivered lines… Barr’s comic timing and gestures are impeccable’ **** (List). ‘Delightful’ (Chortle.co.uk). ‘He is a funny boy’ (Tim Key, Pick of the Fringe 2017). 'One of the best up and coming idiots out there' (John Kearns).

Ari Shaffir: Jew

| Aug 2-12, 14-26 | 18:00 | 1 hour | 16+ | Ari Shaffir turned his last Fringe show into a Netflix special called Double Negative. This year, he returns to tackle his Orthodox Jewish upbringing. Ari questions all the things rabbis never wanted him to. Like, who were the real bad guys in Sodom and Gomorrah? Why do Hassidim dress like Johnny Cash fans? Who did Adam fuck before Eve? It’s a UK festival-style show with the laughs of an American hour. 'Ridiculously funny' (Jimmy Carr). 'One of my favourites' (Bill Burr). 'The real deal' (Dave Attell). 'One of the 100 funniest human beings alive' (Joe Rogan).

Ari Shaffir’s Renamed Storyteller Show

| Aug 9, 16, 23 | 22:00 | 1 hour | 18+ | Ari Shaffir and other funny people tell true and scintillating stories. Long-form American storytelling featuring weird, crazy, fascinating true stories from some of the funniest people on Earth. Ari’s released two Netflix specials, just finished three seasons as host and co-creator of Comedy Central's storytelling series This Is Not Happening, and has co-starred with Zach Galifianakis and Jon Hamm in Keeping Up With The Joneses. 'Ridiculously funny' (Jimmy Carr). 'One of my favourites' (Bill Burr). 'One of the 100 funniest human beings alive' (Joe Rogan).

Barbara Nice: Barbara’s Box Office

| Aug 15-19 | 19:40 | 1 hour | 0+ | After many years of coming to the Fringe, Barbara Nice knows the frustration of not being able to find the right show for you. That's why she came up with Barbara's Box Office. Audiences pitch in the elements of their perfect show and together we make that show. In 50 minutes. In a yurt. Can it be done? 'Course it pigging can! New event comedy idea premiering for one week only! Bespoke DIY designer festival entertainment. Created by award-winning comedian and theatre-maker Janice Connolly as Barbara Nice.

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